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Air Control Pilates

Air-Control-Pilates-Edinburgh (3)Ethelinda simply cannot wait to introduce a new and exciting dimension to her already popular Pilates exercise classes in Edinburgh. Aerial Pilates, or Air Control Pilates, quite literally turns classical Pilates upside down! With the traditional Pilates mat underneath them, class members will be able to bring into play their more adventurous, youthful inner selves as they gradually learn to make full use of the suspended fabric hammocks.

Under the trained guidance of Ethelinda, students will be able to have fun, either in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis, and enjoy the feeling of freedom that being suspended off the floor can bring. The colourful fabric hammocks can be used for a wide variety of partial or full suspension exercises as they support your body weight in varying proportions to allow deep stretches and complete muscle relaxation to take place.

Like traditional Pilates, Air Control Pilates can be a quiet, almost meditative form of exercise, but unlike the classical form, Air Control Pilates can add zest and a real sense of achievement when you achieve full inversion, allowing your spine to stretch and naturally realign as you enjoy letting your hair down in the process!

Air-Control-Pilates-Edinburgh (5)Air Control Pilates is also a stress-busting exercise system, with flowing movements that allow practitioners to reconnect their body and mind. Whilst suspended, practitioners become more aware of their bodies and enjoy a sense of freedom and harmony.

Everyone remembers how it felt as a child to sit on a swing and rock gently back and forth. Air Control Pilates allows you to do the same, using the folds of the fabric hammock as a sling to hold your bodyweight, or to cocoon yourself within the fully extended material to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and complete relaxation a suspension hammock can bring.

Air Control Pilates encourages class members to have fun whilst benefiting from an increase in body strength, muscle tone and flexibility during a whole body exercise session. Practitioners will find they can hold quite challenging Pilates positions and movements for longer without the gravitational pull experienced when doing Pilates exercises on the traditional mat, increasing joint mobility and overall agility in the process. Holding the Plank position whilst fully suspended by a fabric sling brings into play the major core muscle groups and a lot more besides!

Air-Control-Pilates-Edinburgh (9)Taking part in a group session allows everyone to escape from the demands of everyday life in and around Edinburgh, learning new techniques whilst helping each other to achieve what might have been thought impossible previously. Ethelinda, with her dance and choreography background, is the ideal person to teach both Pilates exercise methods, as her class progress from predominantly floor-based Pilates exercises to more challenging aerial ones, and everyone is encouraged to enjoy the freedom Air Control Pilates can bring.

You can check out the details of venue, class timings and cost here, or contact Ethelinda at . You won’t regret it!

Some images courtesy of Air Control Pilates