Client Testimonials

I was invited by a friend to Ethelinda’s Pilates class 2 years ago. I have rarely missed a class since then. Ethelinda is a gifted, kind, funny professional teacher. The class is open and welcoming, no equipment is needed. I particularly enjoy that I can set my own pace as Ethelinda explains the exercises’ aims and different options.

I feel fitter and more relaxed since I joined and though I started when I had two significant (physical) problems, I found that these eased off when I practiced Pilates regularly.

Ethelinda delivers her Pilates instructions with an infectious smile and extra helping of humour which makes her class the most enjoyable exercise I do.

Caroline Scharfenberg

I have attended Ethelinda Pilates classes for over a year now. If you are thinking of starting Pilates – go to Ethelinda’s classes – she is a great teacher and classes are fun. If you have any problems e.g back problems she will ensure that the specific Pilates exercises are right for you.

May Stark

I have been attending a weekly Pilates class with Ethelinda for thirteen years now which feels like it must be a record! I don’t know how she manages it but the class is never repetitive or boring but instead is consistently lively and great fun with tangible physical benefits. Each term we use a different piece of equipment and there are always various options possible for each of the exercises thereby ensuring that everyone can work at their own level. I believe that Pilates has become an essential part of my general well-being, definitely wards off a backache and I only wish could attend a class with Ethelinda more frequently.

Lesley Stevenson

I have been coming to Ethelinda’s pilates classes for about 10 years now and I really enjoy them. As a form of exercise,  Pilates has so many benefits – strength, flexibility and a lovely sense of having been pulled apart and put back together at the end of a class. There is no need to worry about equipment or mats as this is all provided each week.

Ethelinda is a fantastic teacher who really looks after each and every person in the class, constantly updating the exercises to suit our level and taking us through the moves with humour and encouragement. We have a good laugh whilst being made to work really hard

Louise Rowlands

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