Edinburgh Pilates Classes

At the Pilates Room we try to give you the fullest choice of exercise and instruction of pilates classes in Edinburgh, from beginners pilates in Edinburgh to more advanced and specialists needs we aim to cater for all. We also know about your busy lifestyle, we have one too, thats why our last appointment of the day is at 9pm and our first is when you want.

Edinburgh Pilates Classes

Ongoing Pilates sessions


Regardless of your age, current state of health or fitness. As a holistic exercise system, pilates enhances physical and mental well-being through a progressive series of movements which are designed to develop core strength, grace, posture, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Practitioners find pilates training reduces stress, elevates and stabilises mood, improves breathing, lowers blood pressure and tones muscles.



At Edinburgh Pilates we’ll help you find the perfect balance of body and mind. We take a relaxed and personal approach to Pilates, helping you unlock the joy of movement in a group class or a home visit. Because we know that everybody — and every body — are different, we provide tailor-made workouts for men and women of all ages and abilities.


Feel like your fitness regime needs a new direction?

Your schedule holding you back?

Why not tell us your schedule, what you are looking to achieve and whether you want one to one or group classes and we will tailor a Pliates exercise plan based around your busy modern lifestyle.

Edinburgh Pilates Classes– have never been so easy to access, our mobile, multiple base location service seems to be just what our clients need and they have access to their favourite pilates exercise in Edinburgh whenever they want it too.

Pilates Classes in Edinburgh, where you want it, when you want it