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Taking a pilates class in Edinburgh with Ethelinda Lashley could be your first step on the road to a healthier, stronger and fitter body, regardless of your age, current state of health or fitness. As a holistic exercise system, pilates enhances physical and mental well-being through a progressive series of movements which are designed to develop core strength, grace, posture, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, balance and coordination. Practitioners find pilates training reduces stress, elevates and stabilises mood, improves breathing, lowers blood pressure and tones muscles.

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Originally developed in Germany by Joseph Pilates during the early 20th century, pilates has gained in popularity in recent years and today includes elements of yoga, modern dance and gymnastics, with the use of mats, gym balance balls, small weights, exercise bands and yoga blocks to help practitioners improve their strength and suppleness. Emphasis is placed on the use of correct breathing techniques and the engagement of core abdominal muscles to control each movement.

Edinburgh Pilates  is fortunate to have the services of Ethelinda Lashley who, as a former professional dancer, is able to offer her expertise in movement and personal training as well being a qualified pilates instructor. Ethelinda specialises in using pilates to assist the elderly and patients undergoing post-operative recovery, especially from breast surgery, and also offers pre and postnatal sessions as well as general fitness, core strength and stability work, and pilates dance training.

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As a pilates instructor in Edinburgh, Ethelinda also offers evening classes which cater for all, from complete beginner to experienced practitioner, at the Flora Stevenson Primary School and pilatecise classes to music, using small pieces of equipment, at Edinburgh University, during the lunch break. Classes may also take place in different venues for social groups. Corporate pilates sessions are gaining popularity, as employers see the benefits of pilates as a means of reducing stress and improving overall well-being amongst staff. One-to-one sessions with Ethelinda allow an individually tailored program of pilates training in the comfort of your own home following a thorough assessment of your posture and specific requirements.

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The Pilates Room remains the best mobile hub for all pilates instruction in Edinburgh pilates disciplines, where everyone can benefit from a structured programme of exercise designed to improve physical and mental health. With pilates packages available to suit all budgets and needs, now is the time to book yourself onto a course that is right for you.