ONE TO ONE Pilates Exercises

Your very own personal pilates exercises instructor available when you need it most, Block bookings made in multiples of 5 or 10 for your convenience.



One TO One Pilates Exercises by a Personal Trainer

A One to One pilates exercises Session provides a unique opportunity in the comfort of your own home to be taught by Ethelinda. Her many years of experience in pilates exercises and movement provides a class that is tailored to your individual needs. After an initial Postural assessment that last 90 minutes Ethelinda is able to motivate you by setting goals and providing a individualised pilates exercises workout. Through reflection and feedback Ethelinda will support you to reach your true objectives.

One to One sessions are available between 6-9 on Tues., Wed, Thurs evenings, so what are you waiting for? It is time to get in shape for Summer!!

New to Pilates?

Not sure about where to start?

The one to one sessions allow us to work together to achieve a goal, or to get a much better understanding of your needs. From there you can join any of the group classes as an intermediate and not a beginner.